RenaMe released: A Unity editor utility for quick bulk-renaming

Raphael Beck   –   Wednesday, the 27. of December, 2017   –    520 Likes

RenaMe (say “ree-nay-mee”) is a compact Unity editor utility to quickly rename anything in your project at once.

VertPaint made it to the store!

Raphael Beck   –   Friday, the 27. of October, 2017   –    530 Likes

This has been one hell of a ride, but I'm so glad that VertPaint, my newest creation for the Unity asset store, has been accepted. Check it out!

Submitting content to the Unity Asset Store

Raphael Beck   –   Saturday, the 07. of October, 2017   –    503 Likes

So I just finished working on VertPaint V1.0, my newest creation for the asset store... Now let me tell you what it's like to submit something to the Unity store.

3 and 4-way blend shaders: done

Raphael Beck   –   Sunday, the 13. of August, 2017   –    468 Likes

K. Now also the 3 and 4-way blend shaders are done. The result is kinda nice :>

Working with shaders - welcome to hell :')

Raphael Beck   –   Friday, the 11. of August, 2017   –    514 Likes

After two long evenings of hard work we finally got the 2-way vertex color blend shader to work.

MeshBrush - Update finally done - V1.9 officially available for download.

Raphael Beck   –   Sunday, the 06. of August, 2017   –    495 Likes

MeshBrush V1.9 is now officially available for download on the Unity Asset Store (sorry for the delay!).

Glitched Polygons Website. Cool stuff incoming!

Raphael Beck   –   Wednesday, the 28. of June, 2017   –    438 Likes

It has finally happened! Glitched Polygons gets its own website.


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