RenaMe released: A Unity editor utility for quick bulk-renaming

RenaMe (say “ree-nay-mee”) is a compact Unity editor utility to quickly rename anything in your project at once; from GameObjects to Assets to Folders. All without losing any prefab connections, asset links, etc... It's available now on the Unity Asset Store.

Consider the following situation: you start a new project and everything is going fantastic. After a few months of work, you start hiring new people that work on the same project. Then you start adding 3rd party assets to the project and things get messy from there on. We all know that different people have different ideologies and understandings when it comes to the meaning of the word “tidy”, let alone “naming conventions”. And now, before you know it, within only a few weeks the project’s structure is completely wrecked and messed up. The code base is spaghetti, the folder hierarchies are based upon everyone’s favorite project structure standard, and most of the assets are promised to be only “temporarily” stored in a specific location... under a name such as “TEMP_run_anim (WIP) 1 (1) test 5”.

Let me interrupt the description of this catastrophe right here. There’s nothing worse than that kind of work environment. I don’t like working on this kind of project. YOU don’t like working on this kind of project. NOBODY does! And yet, sadly, the above described scenario happens all the time nonetheless. It’s inevitable, it’s because we’re humans, we’re lazy, we’re in a hurry and sometimes we don’t have the energy it takes to keep a project clean. Which is fine! Because if you clean your project up every once in a while, you can keep that entropy level down at a minimum. But the problems arise if you’re cleaning slower than you’re filthying. The resulting chaos can cripple a project, and inflict severe (perhaps even irreversible) damage to it and the team working on it.

This is where RenaMe comes in. This utility solves a big bunch of these problems by providing a cool, simple and efficient functionality for renaming and managing your various project’s items with one click (okay, maybe not just one click, there might be some dragging ‘n’ dropping involved, but that’s all!).

I hope you all enjoy the news... and now that this is released, I can finally get back to work on the main game dev project.

Check out this RenaMe YouTube playlist. It contains all RenaMe relevant videos, and future updates as well as release note videos will be posted in there:

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