Glitched Spacetime

Welcome to Glitched Spacetime!

You are a blob of glitched polygons, wandering through outer space and destroying everything that comes in your way. Avoid the asteroids and collect the spacetime fragments as you're ripping apart the universe.
Please allow pop-ups for this page; the game needs them in order to function properly.
Also note that this game does not work on mobile platforms.

Key Action
W, A, S, D Move up, left, down, right
C Shrink
Space Expand
Escape Pause


Player Score Timestamp (UTC)
Lef 62 12/12/18 12:15 PM
Lef 60 11/13/18 12:07 PM
Lef 44 11/8/18 9:11 AM
SKRTSKRT 44 11/8/18 12:46 PM
GlitchedPolygons 43 11/8/18 1:44 AM
BIT 30 11/8/18 12:19 PM