We don't collect anything from you. Literally: we don't care about stats, or any of that data stuff.

If you sign up for our newsletter, we keep your email address in our database (obviously). That's all.
When you visit our website we won't be checking how intensively you've been doing so. When you buy from our store, we won't track that down and change what we had in mind with the roadmap just because one specific asset is doing particularly well that month. When you read our blog we won't be placing ads and track every click you do only to sell your information to third parties. We're against that!

It should be the other way around: YOU get to collect information and useful stuff from US!

Your data will never leave this site, unless we've been hacked.


The only cookies that this website makes use of are for internal use exclusively (not publicly accessible).
Otherwise, no cookies are used.

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